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Return and Rebate Policy

Sales through our website are sales subject to the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts and apply the provisions of this law-regulation.

If the products you return are in compliance with the following conditions, they will be able to complete the process quickly:

You will need to contact us and notify us in the direction of the communication information on our website regarding the product you are returning. Products to be shipped without return notification will be returned to the customer.

In case of tearing of the labels on the boxes of the products, which are affixed by the importer or the manufacturer, return requests are not accepted in case of opening the vacuum or gelatinized packaging.

The intention is to be made within (45) days from the date of delivery, without unpacking, destruction, deterioration and product use of the purchased product.

After the products have been removed from their original packaging, they are not processed for a return period of 45 days for return requests and the product is strictly not reclaimed.

According to Article 4 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers, "goods which are contrary to the qualifications contained in the advertising and promotional materials or in the advertisements and advertisements or which contain the material, legal or economical deficiencies which reduce the benefits consumers expect from them in terms of use are considered as defective goods If the customer declares the defective goods within 30 days of the delivery date, the customer has one of the right to return the product, reduce the price, free exchange or repair free of charge. ".

In order to take advantage of the above mentioned rights by declaring the bereaved property;

If the characteristics of the product are different from the specifications stated in the introduction, or if there are deficiencies that reduce the benefit that the customer expects from the product, the product falls into the category of defective goods.

Customer must submit defective goods within 30 days.

In the declaration of bribery goods, the importer of the product determines whether the usage error is found with a report prepared. If it is determined that the fault of the user, the customer, can not benefit from the law.

Right to withdraw

According to Article 8 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods without any liability and without any reason within fourteen days from the receipt of the product. Has the right to return without cause.


Fee Reward

If there is no mistake, error or defect in the product we have sent, the product may be accepted as iadenizi if you send it back to us as we sent it within one week before opening the package.

Refunds, such as damaged, incorrect or incomplete products, will be accepted if the courier is kept at your door. The signature on your receipt of the package from the cargo company is a signature stating that you have received the product undamaged and correct delivery. The cargo company will be deemed to have completed the task from the moment you put the signature on your receipt. For this reason, open and check the package when the courier is at the door. Returned invoices of the products sold by the entities, the product invoice without the originals of invoices

The returned product prices are returned to you after the product is handed over. The calculation of the product price depends on the bank you are working with, which means that we have no right to intervene.


For all the products you will return, the shipping and shipping belongs to us. You do not pay any extra fees.
You can start the return process here.

Your money is sent to your bank account on the day the product you return reaches our company.

The shipping fee you send the product belongs to us.

You can send the product you bought within 45 days without any explanation.